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Grgic Vina



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The stunning Grgić Vina on the Pelješac Peninsula; Napa Valley wine legend - Miljenko "Mike" GrgićGrgić Vina Pošip and Plavac Mali

Images with thanks to Grgić Vina and Grgich Hills

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Grgić Vina: A wine making mantra to live by 

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Grgić Vina was established in 1996 by Napa Valley wine legend, Croatian-born Miljenko “Mike” Grgić, his daughter, Violet Grgić and his nephew Ivo Jeramaz.  The stunning winery is located in Trstenik on the Pelješac peninsula - not far from Mike's birthplace - with a stunning view over the Adriatic Sea, just over an hour north of historic Dubrovnik.

In 1976, when Mike's 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay rocked the wine world, winning at the now infamous Judgment of Paris, a legend was well and truly born. His contribution to the wine world has been extensive and continues to this day. 


Dedicated to both his homeland and the art of winemaking, Mike started Grgić Vina following Croatia's independence, with the goal to produce the finest wines from native Dalmatian grapes.  He concentrates on crafting Dalmatia’s most prized varieties: Plavac Mali (red wine) and Pošip (white wine).  

Mike's philosophy for winemaking is well captured in the following quote: “There is no sure-proof scientific formula for making great wines. Over the years I have learned to communicate with the wines and how to nurture them. I realized that you don’t make wine only with your head and your senses. You make wine with your heart. You have to pour your heart and your love into the wine. To me, wines are like my children. You have to love them and guide them like children, and you have to transmit to them the richness of your spirit.”

On April 1, 2023, Mike celebrates his 100th birthday.  

What a life and what a legacy.

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