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Saints Hills Winery in Dalmatia

Saints Hills Winery



Clockwise from the top:

Ernest Tolj & Michel Rolland in the vineyards; Saints Hills vineyard on the Pelješac peninsula; Saints Hills Winery - concrete and oak



Saints Hills Winery is a project built out of passion, by the husband and wife team of Ernest and Ivana Tolj.  Native to Dalmatia's Adriatic coast, neither were born into winemaking families, but their love of wine and entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of a premium brand with vineyards in both Istria and Dalmatia, and has resulted in wine becoming an integral part of their lives.

  Superb locations are one of the secrets behind their high quality wines, including their Sv. Lucia vineyard in Dingač - Croatia's first appellation and the ultimate terroir for growing Dalmatia's flagship red, the Plavac Mali grape.  Low yield vines, very steep terrain, triple insolation (sun, sea, and stone), and quartz rich soil, combined with cooling sea breezes create the perfect Dalmatian micro-climate for Croatia's indigenous varietals.


Their quest for perfection, also led to a partnership with world renowned oenologist Michel Rolland who remains an integral part of the winemaking team.  With his guidance and influence they continue to modernize and innovate, and are one of a relatively small number of wineries in the region to use concrete fairly extensively in their cellars, both in the production of their whites and rosé, but also in select reds to maintain freshness.

Their approach to their trade can be better understood by the following quote.  When we asked Ivana Tolj what she wanted people to know about the Tolj family winery, she answered "People need to know nothing about the winery. The impression is in the bottle."

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