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Testament - Vineyards and Adriatic

Testament Winery



Clockwise from the top:

Juraj in the vineyards; View of the Adriatic from testament winery;

Juraj looking out over the Testament vineyards

Testament Winery


Testament Winery was founded in 2017, as a project inspired by Zhoda Investments, with the goal of combining Dalmatia’s two thousand year old wine tradition with a modern winery, ecological vineyard, breathtaking views, and Dalmatia’s leading winemakers.

Chief oenologist, Juraj Sladic, is at the very core of the Testament brand and vision.  Juraj comes from a long tradition of winemakers, and has a strong education in the field.  He has quickly become known and widely respected as one of the most prominent young winemakers in Croatia. It was for this reason that he was hand selected for Testament, and given free reign to craft the wine vision from scratch, and to both experiment and innovate.  


Juraj's philosophy is, above all, one of respecting tradition and embracing terroir.  Wine production is certified organic, and is focused on the region's indigenous varietals.  Wines are a true representation of the varietal, pure and natural, and you recognize this in every sip.  The region's flagship red wine, babić, for example, is produced both with and without oak aging.  Across their whole portfolio, where oak is used, it is used to round, not to influence.


The winery has quickly built an impressive reputation for itself, and it's success is demonstrated by ever-growing international recognition and what is already a long list of awards, including 2 Decanter golds and 2 silvers in 2020.  This is a winery to keep your eye on ... they have lofty goals, and the vision, team and assets in place to make them a reality.  

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