Coronica Malvazija - available for home delivery in Ontario Canada

Coronica Malvazija


Price is for a case of 6 wines.

Price per bottle: $29.90

Available by the case directly from Croatia Unpacked

Available by the bottle at LCBO online


Classic old world indigenous grape variety - flagship grape variety of Istria.  Very versatile - can be fresh and fruity, barrel aged and complex, and it is a grape that also loves skin-contact / maceration.


On the nose it is floral and green. On the palate, it is salty, majestically minerally, very fresh with a long finish. The Mediterranean bouquet makes this wine an ideal partner for fish and seafood dishes, but served at slightly higher temperatures, it pairs well with white meat and white truffle dishes.


It is recommended that the serving temperature be between 8 - 12 ° C depending on the type of food with which it is paired.

  • Grape variety


  • Vintage


  • Acidity

    5.9 g/L

  • Residual Sugar

    1.9 g/L

  • Alcohol


  • Producer


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  • Viticulture

    Low intervention